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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Home Tour Intro!

   Ok so we have been living in a construction zone for nearly 10 years now and things have not always been easy and it certainly is not easy now with house guests making that total # of humans living here 14. Lets just say I know understand the show 19 and counting a little better! I have been purging STUFF for over a year now. A little here and there as we go down our list of repairs that makes me box up things and then unpack them a few months later. last year I believe we got rid of at least 10 giant trash bags of stuff either by donating it or passing it on to others that could use it. We are focusing on living simpler and not just hoarding stuff that we will never use. Well last year I stumbled on this woman's blog and got inspired. I also read her post Motivated and Conviction they really helped me to be able to focus on what was important and NOT get overwhelmed, BUT this post really got me! So since I promised a picture tour of my home and did not feel like staging or cleaning every square inch I am just going to put it all out here for you guys. We are not slobs but we are definitely NOT clean freaks and with 11 children in the house we cannot possibly keep up with the little messes that are constantly renewing themselves. I will be posting room by room pictures and tell you a little about where that room came from and how we plan to change it.

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