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Monday, March 28, 2011

spring break projects

We found bamboo blinds at Lowes for $5 each
so we figured why not replace all the old cruddy plastic ones

a friend gave us a piece of plywood and lots of paint when they cleaned out their garage

so we made under bed storage boxes for our linens

Izzy's Room

Well its spring!

And we have been very busy planting a garden and watching it grow.
Nate has been home from work since February do to a pending investigation, only to find out Best Buy has decided to lay everyone off and integrative everything Deal Tree does into their stores.
We have enjoyed having him around and accomplished alot. I will slowly post pictures as we go when I get a chance. We are currently working on extending our yard and refinish a Nate's parents gave us.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Surprise Baby Shower

So again we had everything ready for the shower even started purchasing the things we needed for the rocket cake and the mom needed to cancel it due to people not being able to come. We called all the family that lives up here and immediately started planning a surprise shower since they would be coming to the Dallas area to visit before the baby was born. We purchased fabric and made a crib set and burp cloths and were getting really excited about the whole thing again. Well the 2 nights before the mom starts going into labor and we are freaking out since we already bought food for 30 people and spent 5 hours on the cake and ahhhh we were going off of very little sleep. Needless to say all we needed to do was relax and rest the mom went against Dr suggestions and came up for a rest anyway and all went very well. We had a great time and the baby is still safe inside of mother for now.

Plans change

A friend and I had been planing a baby shower for her sister-in-law that would require us to go to Austin for a weekend. We had everything figured out even bought decorations so all we had to do was purchase the food we needed for the menu the morning before the shower. Well needless to say Texas has bipolar weather it was for-casted to be highs in the 70s and sunny and then 2 days before this massive snowstorm covering the whole middle of the US hit du du duh we were iced in for a week a whole week it was craziness Texans are use to everything thawing out a day or two after it hits but not this time people were starting to panic and the city decided to have controlled power outages and thus causing peoples pipes to freeze and making a bad situation worse. Needless to say we didn't make it to Austin instead we postponed the shower a couple of weeks. Here are some pics of the devastation from us county folks point of view.

Did I mention we had 4" of ice with 8" of snow on top! We thought it was great cause daddy didn't have to go to work and we got to have hot cocoa and popcorn yumm!

7 children and a kid

well its been crazy thats all I gotta say the little boy I have started watching a couple times a week has goats and he had one that needed bottle fed because the mother didn't want anything to do with it and the brother had already died so I figured what harm could one little goat do. lol well we also had a set of almost 2yo twins over as their house was being finished and the contractor was taking his time. Surprisingly we all survived!
and we even got a little love!

By the end of the day we were all tired and the little goat had gained enough strength from everyone taking turns feeding her to try and jump out of the laundry basket.