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Thursday, November 25, 2010

See what happens when I dust!

 So Wednesday morning I started out vacuuming and dusting with the help of my children and well all the furniture had been pulled away from the wall to get the spider webs and we ended up rearranging the whole living room. from left to right this is what you see when you walk in now 

and then we had to clean the bedrooms lol and we have decided to stack the beds and make bunk beds again so they have more room to play now that Isaac's pack-n-play is in there. Ad here are some pictures now that we have finished that thought.

 hopfully we will be painting Izzy's room after Hanukkah and before new years hah fat chance but hey I can dream just like I would really like to finish getting the tin up on the boys walls and paint the bathroom before next summer.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The BIG Reveal

Ok I know you all have waited so long but there is only so much hand stitching a mom of 4 can do in a day. found this wonderful pattern at Past Patterns and although it is not missing its mistakes they did a marvelous jog translating the pattern and bringing history alive the pattern has a little history behind the dress included and I absolutely loved reading about it. I was a little limited by color because of the role I am playing in the Nutcracker  Ballet but it was ok because I had way too many ideas and it helped to not be able to do some of them. the skirt was easy I used my coat pattern to make gores and then just sewed them together, bound the top, and added elastic in the binding so that there was some extra for movement and give for all the underthings I will be wearing.

  The bodice was a little more difficult to do I had to have help as I couldn't fit to myself  and wasn't sure about some of the techniques that in the end I skipped and did it the way we would do things now. I was originally going to be putting lace across the top and around the bottom edge of the sleeves but in the end it just looked too busy and I opted to just do the roses but that looked too plain so I did a little hand embroidery and wow it is perfect.

So what do you think it took me about 3 weeks start to finish getting the fabric and waiting for the pattern I have a few last little things to do like connect the bodice to the skirt so when I am dancing it doesn't pull up too much and figuring out how to make the pettiskirt a tad shorter without altering it since I am borrowing it. I need to add a little bow on each sleeve with a rose in the middle to bring the ribbon from the lace up back into the rest of the outfit. Might add a few tiny matching bows to the bottom of the skirt where I put roses at each scallop gather.

I meant to get a picture when I was wearing it at rehearsal last night but totally forgot in all the excitement. Everyone LOVED the gown and I was even told three times I was not allowed to wear it because I would upstage Clara and her "mom" lol and the studio owner said she was going to rip it off of me because she adored that color and wanted it for herself (although I'm pretty sure i would never fit her she is so petite). I will get a picture of me in it after the last alterations are made

Friday, November 19, 2010

completely obsessed

ok well I have been sewing till my fingers hurt and my brain is all full of plans for other projects that don't involve sewing lol, But in all my research for this victorian ball gown I came across this website and WOW I am completely obsessed and really want to get the boys room finished so it is more kid friendly and functional. SO as soon as I finish the dress I will post pictures and then we will be off on the adventure to redo the boys wreck of a room and I can blog about that.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Victorian ball gown and my winter coat

Well It has begun I have all my fabric and trim for the Victorian ball gown I will be wearing in my children's ballet performance of  The Nutcracker.

 I have been working on my coat that I found fabric for last winter in every spare minute I have so I will have it when the cold actually hits TX. I will be posting pics of that asap I have to put the liner in today so maybe I can let you all see it tomorrow ; )  For now just a taste of things to come I pray you are all well and NOT getting the stomach bug going around. Shalom