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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ok its been a whirlwind with eye checkups and second opinions and classes and wow am I tired.
Long story short Isaac will be coming home with Nate and I Monday evening and we already have
Dr's appointments for this next week its crazy. I will keep everyone updated on how he is growing
as I can and we thank you all for your prayers they are still needed because he could still need eye
surgery and he still has to continue growing and stay on their growth charts. I will add pictures as
soon as I can too.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A light at the end of the tunnel

Well if all goes well Isaac will be coming home in the next week and a half.
We are waiting to see if Isaac will need eye surgery and we will know that on Tuesday.
Wednesday he will have a Dr come to his bed and do a scope to see what kind of damage
he has to his vocal chords the two options are that when they did the PDA surgery
they could have nicked the nerve that goes right there next to the heart or the damage
was done from the breathing tube and is just taking its time to heal. So we are frantically
getting things done and getting ready for him at the house. There is another baby in the
NICU that isn't doing so well though and she really needs your prayers she has ans infection
and had to go back on the c-pap and is having to have blood transfusions for anemia her
heart continuously drops its rate and her mom is not in the best health and needs your
prayers she is very emotionally unstable and I am doing all that I can to help her. Please pray
for her and her parents as she is staying with them since she lost her job.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ok I was totally misinformed Monday we did an upper GI Track test and that looked perfect so
they just added a thickener to his milk and that was the trick he is totally loving feedings again
and has been upped to 5 bottles a day and 45-70ml of milk whatever he wants to eat. The eye
Dr came on Sunday afternoon instead of his normal Tuesday time because he was going out of
town and there was no change but I have been informed that had there been any hint of a bad
turn the Dr would have gone ahead and scheduled for a Wednesday surgery so it makes me feel
better that Isaacs eye looked as well as it did. I still don't totally understand what is going on with
his right eye it is called Retinopathy of Prematurity and in Isaac it is called "plus" disease so you all
can google your hearts out and explain it to me, but lets just pray that God heals it and that surgery
is not needed. He is on track to be home by labor day so please keep him in your prayers.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Unfortunately Isaac won't be coming home for a couple more weeks depending on what happens
with his next eye exam. He was pushed too far too fast and now he is a fat cranky baby. He
refuses to take a bottle or nurse and screams at anyone that touches him, so after and hour long
sit down with the Dr. of the day and several nurses that work with him we came to an agreement
to raise his oxygen pressure back up to give him a break and lower the amount they are feeding
him so he isn't overwhelmed by the amount his tiny body has to do. We will see if he goes back to
his happy self and go from there after tuesday depending on if surgery is needed to correct the eye
problem or not. We are praying that he doesn't need the surgery because that involves going back
on the breathing machines and more damage to his bronchial tubes. So please pray with us that his
eye problem corrects itself and we can bring him home.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Well Isaac has reached 5lbs now and since last week he has been moved yet again into baby steps meaning
he is a big boy almost ready to go home. He has done so well on his breathing and tolerating everything we
put him through that they have lowered his oxygen down to 2 liters of pressure, and if all looks good tomorrow
he will be moved up to 5 bottle feeds out of the 8 that he needs to go home. we are all scrambling to get things
done and ready for coming home so if I don't update you all i apologize call the next closest of kin that you can
contact or Mrs. Fascolino for all you MBC members. Thanks you so much for all the prayers and he will need plenty
after he comes home too.

New pictures can always be found at this link I apologize we could not figure out last week how to get new
pictures up here.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well the last couple of days have been a whirlwind. Friday morning Isaac was moved into a
small room in the NICU used to get babies on a more normal sleeping schedule for coming
home. when I got there he was rather stinky so the nurse suggested a bath even though
they normally do those mon.,wed., fri. evenings. She then proceeded to get a tuband it
totally confused me I was ready for a sponge bath. So he got his first real bath yesterday
and he loved it till we got to his back and then he screamed. His Dr. brought in the
developmental Dr to see if he was going to be ready to feed on monday and when she got
done they both agreed he could try a bottle that day so after Kay got some pictures and I
got some lunch we tried a bottle and he only sucked out 4ml and he actually used that to
blow bubbles at the nurse so I figured it really was going to take the rest of August just to
get him to eat.

Saturday morning I went back to give him his next bottle and wow a totally different child was
there he cooperated and sucked down the whole bottle 40ml in 20 min and let out some pretty
big burps to go with it. He loved it and was in such a good mood after that the nurses got some
pictures with Izzy holding Isaac and there was pure joy on her face. Isaac didn't seem to mind either.
So please pray this goes really smoothly for now he only gets one bottle feed a day and the rest
are the tube if all goes well he could be home in two weeks.