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Monday, February 11, 2013


The bathroom is the room I hate the most. I need to find  smaller mirror that I LOVE! or frame this one to make it look smaller! I also need to find metal ceiling tiles and mount the m on the wall where the towels are hanging. We found a medicine cabinet that mounts between the studs in the wall so its recessed and it will go to the left of the sink next to the light switch and the cabinet over the toilet will just go away! I will probably add a shelf and put apothecary jars on it with the Q-tips and cotton balls and some soaps and I need to get some tarnished silver things to decorate in here as well. Eventually I will find a smaller sink base that looks like furniture and will remove this yucky counter and replace the sink.

Boy's Room

The boys room is pretty much completed with the exception of the wooden chair rail 
and finishing the paint on the lower walls and building Jacob's desk because the rolling green cart does not work.

Isabelle's room

Izzy's room is pretty much complete we do need to get her new curtains and properly hang them. 
We are also working on a piece of furniture that will take the place of the toy box and house all her dress up clothes and kitchen toys. This will be a huge reveal close to summertime.
Maybe she will choose to clean her room before then!

hallway and laundry room

My hallway is well going to get repainted this summer!
I still love this color but not for where I am going with my house. I want calming colors throughout and I want to take down some of the pictures and simplify.

The laundry room well it is pretty much a garage it catches everything that does not have a place because we don't have a storage shed. A storage shed is much needed for all the tools and parts it would be so useful and helpful. our goal was to build one large enough that it could be used to store the motorcycle out of the weather and be a shop where we could work on small projects on a tool bench. we got concrete footers placed and a floor installed and even built walls then winter hit and we had no roof and now the plywood on the floor is ruined even though we covered and protected with paint and tarps. so now we rip it apart and start over.

                                                    I have dreams and plans for this room I DO!

On to the master bedroom

So this is my very messy room 
we have laundry piling up because everyone had been sick and we were playing catch up and well that is not my normal linens those got thrown up on so I pulled out my afghan my grandmother made as a wedding gift. My husbands desk is patiently waiting for an update since that is a hutch from another desk we owned once upon a time and he really needs something more sturdy. We have bought the wood but things just keep coming up and the job just hasn't been done. Oh the tool bags stacked on top of tool boxes well those are also waiting on a storage shed to be built. Don't you just LOVE my make shift closet it was an ikea garage organizer that we scored on clearance and we did need a place to hang our clothing. one day this will look more organized I have to get rid of the things I never wear because they are worn out or just too big for me now. This room is pretty much completed minus the trim that needs to be replaced on one wall and baseboards on all 4 walls. I will settle on a theme one day and it won't look so wonky in here someday!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


  This is my kitchen. It is the room we are currently working on. We have been painting the cabinets which use to be the color of the floor. We painted the walls this lovely sea green color (it use to be yellow). We ripped up the linoleum and laid the laminate and it looks and feels so much better. I need to sand down the table and finish staining and sealing it and recover the chairs. The shelf over the peacock feathers will be coming down and I will be looking for pretty china to hang on that wall. We are making shelves to put over the freezer for my serving dishes and fresh herbs from the garden to be stored on.

Living room

  So this is our living room currently in all its glory it is now serving as a bedroom for some house guests and there are a couple that are sick as you can see in the above picture (I LOVE water proof pads and mop buckets). The changes that WILL take place in here will be the window ac unit will come out this spring time and I am praying that the door that leads to a 5 foot drop! Yes you read that correctly! will be taken out and walled in as soon as we have 1) time, 2) energy, 3) supplies. it might not happen this year but at least we have a plan. I also plan on add ing a few more book shelves and framing them together and trimming them out to look like built ins all along the wall. I want to take down all the pictures and rehang them in a cute way like I have pinned so many times on pinterest! EVENTUALLY I WILL GET THERE! This room use to be a piano/music studio about 5 years ago. I dream of taking out those french doors and putting them on a barn style slide/rail system it would be sooo much nicer I could use the space inside the room so much better and we would actually be able to close the doors without moving furniture..

Entryway and School Room

         Welcome to our home. This is our entry way where the hoard of children strip off coats, shoes and dump their school bags. This is also where everything that needs to leave the house gets piled up till I am sick of tripping over it and take it where it belongs. THIS IS US IN REAL LIFE! not a fairy tale everything is in a perfect spot and nothing cluttered! I don't think this space will ever be clean, orderly, or organised.
      I WILL eventually paint the white paneled area a bright color but just have not had a color jump out at me that I can't live without. I WILL eventually get pictures in the frames on our family tree and I WILL be adding more frames of all sizes and shapes I like the little metal ones that look like lace or have designs embossed/pressed into them and I will add some with sparkles!
 This is our school/craft area where as you can see gets used alot. I have a couple ballet costumes being worked on on the table in the middle that gets its leaves folded down and pushed up to the windows when I am not working on it. It is used for our big family gatherings as a second table ( we usually need 3 this size for everyone). Nate and I built the shelves under the white counter because I needed a place for all the curriculum and arts and craft supplies It has served me very well and I think it is the best thing we have added to this house so far! The wooden desk/counter in the first picture was built by my father-in-law when this house was used as a Montessori it had several computers there for children to do music theory on. we took out the support bar and added the little white night stand and it has been nice to keep the children divided so everyone has plenty of elbow room to do their school work. The pile of fabric under the piano is curtains for my nieces which I am working on redecorating their bedrooms (like I didn't have enough projects what can I say I LOVE to decorate). The box next to the piano is well more clutter that is waiting for a garage sale.

Home Tour Intro!

   Ok so we have been living in a construction zone for nearly 10 years now and things have not always been easy and it certainly is not easy now with house guests making that total # of humans living here 14. Lets just say I know understand the show 19 and counting a little better! I have been purging STUFF for over a year now. A little here and there as we go down our list of repairs that makes me box up things and then unpack them a few months later. last year I believe we got rid of at least 10 giant trash bags of stuff either by donating it or passing it on to others that could use it. We are focusing on living simpler and not just hoarding stuff that we will never use. Well last year I stumbled on this woman's blog and got inspired. I also read her post Motivated and Conviction they really helped me to be able to focus on what was important and NOT get overwhelmed, BUT this post really got me! So since I promised a picture tour of my home and did not feel like staging or cleaning every square inch I am just going to put it all out here for you guys. We are not slobs but we are definitely NOT clean freaks and with 11 children in the house we cannot possibly keep up with the little messes that are constantly renewing themselves. I will be posting room by room pictures and tell you a little about where that room came from and how we plan to change it.