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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Entryway and School Room

         Welcome to our home. This is our entry way where the hoard of children strip off coats, shoes and dump their school bags. This is also where everything that needs to leave the house gets piled up till I am sick of tripping over it and take it where it belongs. THIS IS US IN REAL LIFE! not a fairy tale everything is in a perfect spot and nothing cluttered! I don't think this space will ever be clean, orderly, or organised.
      I WILL eventually paint the white paneled area a bright color but just have not had a color jump out at me that I can't live without. I WILL eventually get pictures in the frames on our family tree and I WILL be adding more frames of all sizes and shapes I like the little metal ones that look like lace or have designs embossed/pressed into them and I will add some with sparkles!
 This is our school/craft area where as you can see gets used alot. I have a couple ballet costumes being worked on on the table in the middle that gets its leaves folded down and pushed up to the windows when I am not working on it. It is used for our big family gatherings as a second table ( we usually need 3 this size for everyone). Nate and I built the shelves under the white counter because I needed a place for all the curriculum and arts and craft supplies It has served me very well and I think it is the best thing we have added to this house so far! The wooden desk/counter in the first picture was built by my father-in-law when this house was used as a Montessori it had several computers there for children to do music theory on. we took out the support bar and added the little white night stand and it has been nice to keep the children divided so everyone has plenty of elbow room to do their school work. The pile of fabric under the piano is curtains for my nieces which I am working on redecorating their bedrooms (like I didn't have enough projects what can I say I LOVE to decorate). The box next to the piano is well more clutter that is waiting for a garage sale.

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