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Monday, February 11, 2013

hallway and laundry room

My hallway is well going to get repainted this summer!
I still love this color but not for where I am going with my house. I want calming colors throughout and I want to take down some of the pictures and simplify.

The laundry room well it is pretty much a garage it catches everything that does not have a place because we don't have a storage shed. A storage shed is much needed for all the tools and parts it would be so useful and helpful. our goal was to build one large enough that it could be used to store the motorcycle out of the weather and be a shop where we could work on small projects on a tool bench. we got concrete footers placed and a floor installed and even built walls then winter hit and we had no roof and now the plywood on the floor is ruined even though we covered and protected with paint and tarps. so now we rip it apart and start over.

                                                    I have dreams and plans for this room I DO!

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