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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crafting away!

 I have been busy busy busy fr the past couple of weeks with the fall holidays and family staying on the property.
We have accomplished alot and fed an army. Here are some pictures from our Feast of Trumpets

It was Delish and I am very thankful for our friends in South America that gave me the challah bread recipe.

the kids are learning alot this year we made alphabet posters

we are also learning about their body in science and how to properly feed it so it can grow and be healthy here is their paper body that we are making to aid in seeing the inside organs

I have gotten caught up on my sewing too and am now working on a coat for me racing to get it done before the cold weather hits lol this is Texas I still have 4 months rite! for now here are some pictures of some things I've been working on

we also decorated some pumpkin cookies for aunt Robin's work 

Sooo as you can see we have been very busy and productive in the past couple of weeks
                                      and now we are in Nutcracker season and have costumes and rehearsals and well
                                           We might be a little insane by the time its over.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What a Blast of Fresh Air

  So last weekend I went on a little road trip to Arkansas to visit my aunts and attend a baby shower and best of all take some pictures of my sweet little cousins. Izzy went along with me and she was such a little helper growing up to be a beautiful little woman. got side tracked by some garage sales and flee markets but oh what finds at great prices found an amazing twisted metal plate rack I am going to use to hold some odd ball frames in my entry way will post pictures when I finally get around to hanging it. Some cute antique cast iron planes for my boys and a ballerina bear for my little ballerina. The pictures turned out amazing here is a little taste.

We went to an amazing place in North Little Rock called The Old Mill it was in the beginning scenes of Gone With the Wind and WOW it is sooo pretty even with the rainy weather.

well it is now Labor Day Weekend and we have been having fun helped Schelly at the Heard Museum yesterday for her fund raising for Bangladesh spent some time with my dad on Friday and we are kinda taking it easy since Isaac has a nasty cough deep in his chest after 5 months of not having to use the inhaler we have had to use it 3 times in the past 2 days so I am praying it is just the weather change and not the treatments we have been doing to get rid of the Group A and B strep in his stomach. The good news is Isaac is growing and doing well just not absorbing the triglycerides because of the strep so pray for these two things for us will you I know God has a plan for this little guy and it will all happen in His timing.
Have a great weekend everyone.