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Monday, January 28, 2013

The New Neuro!


   After the shock wore off I am now able to talk to people. I can honestly say I adore the new Dr. he quite possibly saved my sons life. The old Dr whom had caused quite a bit of chaos in our lives first with playing musical chairs on meds that had horrid side effect and totally contradicted what all Isaac's other Drs were trying to work on I find out that the emergency med that was prescribed was well a deadly dose not even close so acceptable for Isaac's size it was literally 3x the amount he needed and could have killed him. we will be picking up the new appropriate dose of the same med but instead of using it for emergency only we will be giving it to him every time he has a tonic-clonic (grand-mal) instead of medicating him daily for an anomaly that happens once a month to every other month. Sounds logical to me since we just want to stop them when they do happen since its just a misfire of the electrons in the brain. As for these other things like passing out or staring into space the Dr thinks that there is a possibility that his heart surgery has come undone in some way or there is something else wrong that is causing his blood pressure to drop drastically depriving his brain of oxygen. so Isaac will have another EEG and another 24 hour heart monitor to see if this is the problem. Heart conditions do run in both sides of the family so this is not out of the question, in fact we have been dealing with the same symptoms in my grandmother for at least the last year.  Prayers would be appreciated as we do these tests that God would show us the problem so we know how to deal with it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


   Sooo we have been busy! We currently have 11 children living in our home on top of our new roof getting put on and the skylights getting ripped out, and did I mention I got tired of the linoleum in the kitchen, well I ripped that stuff out after my kids made it into a ramp with duplo blocks for their hotwheels and I tripped over it in the middle of the night going to the bathroom! I have actually gotten a few thing accomplished during all this. I have been going through the kids clothing and passing on what my kids just don't ever wear and things they have outgrown. I have purged some decorating things that I just am not in love with anymore and am tired of dusting. I also finished painting the kitchen and then realized the other night that behind the microwave is still yellow and behind the fridge is um well its never been painted guess we have just been too lazy to move that appliance in 10 years.
  So needless to say when we lay flooring this weekend we will be moving that sucker and painting back there. My sweet husband has started putting the shelves up over the freezer for my frequently used jars and serving platters as well as installing a hot water heater after ours went out and installed the water filtration unit that has been sitting around for(kinda embarrassed about this one) 3 years! I know we had a very good excuse called Isaac but that should have been our motivation to get it installed faster. So I started writing this post today to let you all know I am taking pictures around the house to give you all a photo tour of our house and all the work I have been telling you all about over the past year. It will take time since I have to move the luggage and ballet costumes that are cluttering about from our house guests (more on the 11 children when I can) and make sure you can see all the lovely changes that we have done.  I promise you will see said pictures this week it will not be another week or month from now!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Ok Here we GO...

   A new year and some new commitments. First I am and have been in the process of uncluttering our lives.
we have streamlined out electronics by getting down to an iphone each instead of an electronic organizer(old smart phone) and a cell phone to call and text. It also streamlined some of our bills and we did it on a budget by looking for used phones from people that were upgrading.

 I have gone through everyone's clothing and stored away what the little one could grow into and am giving away or consigning the other stuff. I still need to make a list of the kids clothing Needs like jeans with no holes and a proper coat for one of them and another needs new socks and so forth.

 We super cleaned the bedrooms by moving furniture and dusted and vacuumed. then we sorted the toys and removed the ones they no longer wanted or needed.

 We are now having the roof replaced and ripping out the skylights that have leaked and molded and YUCK I am going to miss the sunlight but not the mess and the sickness the mold causes. We will all be healthier for it! I still need to finish painting the kitchen cabinets that needed the face lift and finish the walls that were left unpainted so the insurance inspector could see where there was damage from the leaky roof.

 So as soon as those major things are completed we will finish what we started with the flooring and replace the now ripped up linoleum with some snack together laminate stuff. We will also finish building shelving over the deep freeze and install the water filter for the whole house so we can stop lugging water home in those giant bottles.

As far as Isaac and all his medical stuff is going we are attempting to get in with a couple new neurologists because his current Dr is just not working with us and I honestly get the feeling that he doesn't want us as patients. We have been doing an electrical acupuncture treatment that is similar to the NAET therapy for all of Isaac's food allergies and some outdoor allergies as well and he seems to be making good progress. He is not as sensitive to many of the foods that would cause his tummy to bloat and be rock hard or would just give him diarrhea. Right now our biggest problem is with gluten so please continue praying as we stumble through this mess and try to get the seizures and growth problems under control.
He has speech and Occupational therapy twice a week and he is loving it and learning soooo much he now speaks whole sentences (somewhat understandable) and he recognizes most letters and can count to 20. colors he is not so good at but we are working on that one.

 I have personally decided to commit to P90X again doing workouts at least 3 times a week to stay lean and tone up a little more. Over the last year I lost 6 inches in my waist and went from a size 14/16 down to an 8/10 just by cutting out most gluten and fake sugars. I have been eating more raw foods and really only eating meat with dinner. Oh and making sure I stay hydrated by drinking AT LEAST a GALLON of water a day.

  So here's to a new year full of opportunity.