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Monday, January 28, 2013

The New Neuro!


   After the shock wore off I am now able to talk to people. I can honestly say I adore the new Dr. he quite possibly saved my sons life. The old Dr whom had caused quite a bit of chaos in our lives first with playing musical chairs on meds that had horrid side effect and totally contradicted what all Isaac's other Drs were trying to work on I find out that the emergency med that was prescribed was well a deadly dose not even close so acceptable for Isaac's size it was literally 3x the amount he needed and could have killed him. we will be picking up the new appropriate dose of the same med but instead of using it for emergency only we will be giving it to him every time he has a tonic-clonic (grand-mal) instead of medicating him daily for an anomaly that happens once a month to every other month. Sounds logical to me since we just want to stop them when they do happen since its just a misfire of the electrons in the brain. As for these other things like passing out or staring into space the Dr thinks that there is a possibility that his heart surgery has come undone in some way or there is something else wrong that is causing his blood pressure to drop drastically depriving his brain of oxygen. so Isaac will have another EEG and another 24 hour heart monitor to see if this is the problem. Heart conditions do run in both sides of the family so this is not out of the question, in fact we have been dealing with the same symptoms in my grandmother for at least the last year.  Prayers would be appreciated as we do these tests that God would show us the problem so we know how to deal with it.

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