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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yay! Isaac has officially reached the 3 lb mark tonight when they weighed him he was 3lbs 6 oz looking very happy and fat his belly is so cute and very ticklish.

Friday, June 26, 2009

48 Hours

Well Isaac has been reintubated because he just wasn't getting enough oxygen into
his bloodstream. He did really well on his own for 48 hours and they are going to try
again in a week or so after he's had a little more time to grow.

some interesting information about the equipment
CPAP gives a constant pressure into the lungs
SiPAP gives pressure then a break like you are sighing

Isaac was on both over the 48hours and I had to ask what the difference was because
the website I looked up earlier in the week didn't say there was a difference and almost
made it seem to be the same machine.

This week Isaac is 2LBs 14 OZs and 13 3\4" long

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a great day !

I was relieved of my constant pain and Isaac has been taken off the ventilator. What a surprise I was
told they might turn down the support a little today if his gases looked good, but when I called the nurse
was confuse and then realized I didn't know they had taken his tube out. What a great surprise and I
can't wait to see the little guy first thing in the morning.

I am sorry I am still working on those new pictures and a birthday party for the other three kids so please
excuse us moving as slow as the government.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well Dr Walden A wonderful wonderful woman has decided that Isaac is in the clear and doesn't
need the Broviac (IV) any longer. So any medications he will need from here on out unless he gets
really sick will be given orally. about 1pm they took out the broviac catheter and I got to hold him
for an hour before I had to get Izzy to ballet. He did really well as far as breathing and not throwing
a fit to where the nurses would have to breath for him or anything so he is getting so much better
than he was last week so please keep up the prayers we can see God working miracles every day.
Just the fact that Isaac is alive is a miracle.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another great day!

Isaac is doing wonderfully starting to get the hang of breathing on his own handle people touching him
a little better. After Friday's fit I wasn't sure they were going to let me hold him Kangaroo but the nurse
was all for it and what a surprise we got Isaac allowed me to hold him for 2 1/2 hours on Monday. Normally
I'm lucky to get 45 min to an hour. Today I didn't hold him because he had an eye exam and we were not
sure when that Dr. would get there. Nate and I had a class on Monday evening where we got to meet
several other veteran NICU moms and talk with each other about our experiences and what we are going
through emotionally. We had a great time and some good laughs. I asked the Nurse in charge about another
mom I had gotten to know and how her baby was doing because last I knew she had a collapsed lung and
several infections so she was on multiple antibiotics and pain meds and all sorts of stuff and I got some sad
news that she had died last week. So unfortunately there is nothing but a bunch of trouble making boys that
are doing their best to keep the nurses busy. Please continue to pray for Isaac and these other families as
well as Nate and I as we are feeling the strain on our marriage because of the extra stress with bills and not
being able to be in all the places we are feeling pulled. We miss being with Jacob Izzy and, Josiah in the
afternoons and several hours of our weekends because we are trying to figure out all this stuff that needs to
happen with Isaac. Insurance is covering 90% of my bills from the hospital and 100% of Isaac's, but the 10%
of my bills left over we are not able to take care of because our extra money went to add Isaac to the insurance.
Its all very confusing and I still haven't figured it all out and probably won't so please pray that it all gets taken
care of and we don't start getting people calling and hassling us for money.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Have you had a good day lately?

Isaac is doing wonderfully today breathing on his own and making the machines complain
because he isn't doing it its way. That is so much better than what he was doing! They have
gone up again on his feeds top 23 ml and 26 calories, and changed his caffeine from an iv to
oral and I'm pretty sure it tastes nasty because after it went in the feeding tube he literally
threw it up on me. Talk about grose! He went for a record today and let me hold him for 2 1/2
hours and loved every minute of it. The Dr came by and said he was doing great and was
just going to see how he did on the oral caffeine since he was breathing more on his own there
wasn't anything to change except to keep going down on his respirator settings. Thanks so
much for the prayers and please keep them coming and remember all the other babies in their
they all need just as many prayers.Stop No More

Saturday, June 13, 2009

interesting information

stumbled upon this website looking for baby doll patterns for Izzy's Isaac sized dolly,
and thought some might find it informative. Isaac is actually behind on his length and
head girth but they are not worried about that because he didn't have real food for a
couple of weeks and thus the stunted growth.

preemie growth chart

A Bad Day :(

Well Friday wasn't a very good day for Isaac while trying to hold him(normally he loves this) he pooped
like major poop for such a little guy and the nurses had just gotten him situated on my chest when he
did this so they told him he would just have to sit in it. Well he didn't like this very much so he threw his
typical Isaac fit and made his heart rate drop way too low and had apnea so the nurses had to bag him
and manually breath for him and got him stable so they could start his feeding and he pooped again!
and threw another fit so badly he turned a nasty grey color(not blue, but grey) and thats when the nurses
really ran. they got him back in that bed so fast it wasn't funny he refused to be stabilized and so they
changed his diaper and all was better. He is such a turd when it comes to a dirty diaper and half the nurses
up there know it now so when he throws a fit they check his diaper first. He needs lots of prayers that his
lungs will grow some more tissue and his breathing and oxygenation will get much better so they can take
the nasty tube out. The Dr thinks the tube might be half the problem but won't take it out because his
breathing isn't stable enough. He is 30 weeks gestation and they like to get these little guys able to go home
around 34-36 weeks but they have to be able to breath on their own for the most part.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Growing like a weed

Isaac has had another really good week He is now 2 lb 8 ox and getting fed 22ml milk and 26 calories
He is getting to be a chunky boy and has such a great personality he is going to be a ladies man, but boy
does he demand attention. while holding him last night he threw one of his little fits setting off all the
alarms and th nurse couldn't get him settled down and then she realized that he was poopy. As soon as
he had a clean diaper all was better. Who knew that such a little thing like a poopy diaper could come out
so bad. His respirator settings are slowly coming down he is getting a small dose of caffeine every 12 hours
appearently it helps the babies breath on their own by helping keep the lungs inflated and elevates the
blood flow. I found out they also give it to asthma patients and they give Viagra to preemies too for blood
flow when they have low blood pressure crazy stuff but it works. Anyway Isaac is tolerating everything very
well and there will be new pictures in a couple of days so check the gallery.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A great week

Isaac is doing great he has been dubbed the desat king referring to the sensor that monitors the oxygen levels in his blood (not very accurate but keeps them from having to draw blood too much) He sets this alarm off constantly. The Dr. explained that this is more than likely caused by the breathing tube being irritating and him clenching his throat. So until he can come off the respirator the only other option is to put the tube down his nose and the Dr. said most baby tolerate that even less than down the throat. He is gaining weight and is at 2 Lb 1 Oz and right on track so now we are just waiting for him to grow. He is looking chunky and we will have new pictures up soon.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Since everyone doesn't have access to facebook here is a post of pictures.
me and my buddytiny toesdaddy's visitcutenesshey

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We are up and running again

wow what a mess it was to figure out what was keeping us from accessing the blog, but now
we are able to access the website and update you guys again.
Isaac is doing great he isn't on any medication, they are just running some saline solution
through the Broviac catheter to keep it open just in case we need it, and he is off the steroids.
His gasses are doing ok they are not the greatest because he does play with the nurses to get
attention and that causes a lack of oxygen in his blood stream so until his lungs are mature we
will continue on this course. I am getting to hold him pretty much every day and wow does he
enjoy that. So for now we are praying his lungs mature. He is right on track for weight gain and
getting breast milk, but he is in the bottom percentile as far as head girth and length so they are
wanting to add some protein powder to his milk to help with that.