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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another great day!

Isaac is doing wonderfully starting to get the hang of breathing on his own handle people touching him
a little better. After Friday's fit I wasn't sure they were going to let me hold him Kangaroo but the nurse
was all for it and what a surprise we got Isaac allowed me to hold him for 2 1/2 hours on Monday. Normally
I'm lucky to get 45 min to an hour. Today I didn't hold him because he had an eye exam and we were not
sure when that Dr. would get there. Nate and I had a class on Monday evening where we got to meet
several other veteran NICU moms and talk with each other about our experiences and what we are going
through emotionally. We had a great time and some good laughs. I asked the Nurse in charge about another
mom I had gotten to know and how her baby was doing because last I knew she had a collapsed lung and
several infections so she was on multiple antibiotics and pain meds and all sorts of stuff and I got some sad
news that she had died last week. So unfortunately there is nothing but a bunch of trouble making boys that
are doing their best to keep the nurses busy. Please continue to pray for Isaac and these other families as
well as Nate and I as we are feeling the strain on our marriage because of the extra stress with bills and not
being able to be in all the places we are feeling pulled. We miss being with Jacob Izzy and, Josiah in the
afternoons and several hours of our weekends because we are trying to figure out all this stuff that needs to
happen with Isaac. Insurance is covering 90% of my bills from the hospital and 100% of Isaac's, but the 10%
of my bills left over we are not able to take care of because our extra money went to add Isaac to the insurance.
Its all very confusing and I still haven't figured it all out and probably won't so please pray that it all gets taken
care of and we don't start getting people calling and hassling us for money.


  1. I haven't ever had this happen, but I've heard that if you talk with the hospital billing department, they are really good about setting up a monthly payment plan at whatever you can afford, even though it might take a while to pay it off. Some acquaintances of our had this happen. Continuing to pray for you all. You must feel so divided with so many places to be.

  2. we have set up a payment plan and the social worker is working on making medicaid pay for it but we are trying to patiently wait for all the red tape. We are definitely starting to feel like the older kids are not getting enough attention from us they are getting spoiled by all the helpers and acting out because we just don't have enough time to just be with them. Maybe this weekend we will have that chance.