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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We are up and running again

wow what a mess it was to figure out what was keeping us from accessing the blog, but now
we are able to access the website and update you guys again.
Isaac is doing great he isn't on any medication, they are just running some saline solution
through the Broviac catheter to keep it open just in case we need it, and he is off the steroids.
His gasses are doing ok they are not the greatest because he does play with the nurses to get
attention and that causes a lack of oxygen in his blood stream so until his lungs are mature we
will continue on this course. I am getting to hold him pretty much every day and wow does he
enjoy that. So for now we are praying his lungs mature. He is right on track for weight gain and
getting breast milk, but he is in the bottom percentile as far as head girth and length so they are
wanting to add some protein powder to his milk to help with that.

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