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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a great day !

I was relieved of my constant pain and Isaac has been taken off the ventilator. What a surprise I was
told they might turn down the support a little today if his gases looked good, but when I called the nurse
was confuse and then realized I didn't know they had taken his tube out. What a great surprise and I
can't wait to see the little guy first thing in the morning.

I am sorry I am still working on those new pictures and a birthday party for the other three kids so please
excuse us moving as slow as the government.


  1. Hey!! That is awsome to hear!! I am still praying for Issac, you and your family. I can definatly see God working in and through your family! Its amazing to see how He works!! Isaac is definatly very strong!! Hes already got a big personality! God has really blessed him!

    Im so glad to hear all the progress he has made!! That is amazing!!

    Yall are in my prayers!!


  2. Jessica, I've seen the pictures on Facebook -- Isaac is looking so good! Praise be to God! I'm sure you and Nate feel blessed.

    Love, Emily