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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Bad Day :(

Well Friday wasn't a very good day for Isaac while trying to hold him(normally he loves this) he pooped
like major poop for such a little guy and the nurses had just gotten him situated on my chest when he
did this so they told him he would just have to sit in it. Well he didn't like this very much so he threw his
typical Isaac fit and made his heart rate drop way too low and had apnea so the nurses had to bag him
and manually breath for him and got him stable so they could start his feeding and he pooped again!
and threw another fit so badly he turned a nasty grey color(not blue, but grey) and thats when the nurses
really ran. they got him back in that bed so fast it wasn't funny he refused to be stabilized and so they
changed his diaper and all was better. He is such a turd when it comes to a dirty diaper and half the nurses
up there know it now so when he throws a fit they check his diaper first. He needs lots of prayers that his
lungs will grow some more tissue and his breathing and oxygenation will get much better so they can take
the nasty tube out. The Dr thinks the tube might be half the problem but won't take it out because his
breathing isn't stable enough. He is 30 weeks gestation and they like to get these little guys able to go home
around 34-36 weeks but they have to be able to breath on their own for the most part.

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