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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Growing like a weed

Isaac has had another really good week He is now 2 lb 8 ox and getting fed 22ml milk and 26 calories
He is getting to be a chunky boy and has such a great personality he is going to be a ladies man, but boy
does he demand attention. while holding him last night he threw one of his little fits setting off all the
alarms and th nurse couldn't get him settled down and then she realized that he was poopy. As soon as
he had a clean diaper all was better. Who knew that such a little thing like a poopy diaper could come out
so bad. His respirator settings are slowly coming down he is getting a small dose of caffeine every 12 hours
appearently it helps the babies breath on their own by helping keep the lungs inflated and elevates the
blood flow. I found out they also give it to asthma patients and they give Viagra to preemies too for blood
flow when they have low blood pressure crazy stuff but it works. Anyway Isaac is tolerating everything very
well and there will be new pictures in a couple of days so check the gallery.

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