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Monday, February 11, 2013

On to the master bedroom

So this is my very messy room 
we have laundry piling up because everyone had been sick and we were playing catch up and well that is not my normal linens those got thrown up on so I pulled out my afghan my grandmother made as a wedding gift. My husbands desk is patiently waiting for an update since that is a hutch from another desk we owned once upon a time and he really needs something more sturdy. We have bought the wood but things just keep coming up and the job just hasn't been done. Oh the tool bags stacked on top of tool boxes well those are also waiting on a storage shed to be built. Don't you just LOVE my make shift closet it was an ikea garage organizer that we scored on clearance and we did need a place to hang our clothing. one day this will look more organized I have to get rid of the things I never wear because they are worn out or just too big for me now. This room is pretty much completed minus the trim that needs to be replaced on one wall and baseboards on all 4 walls. I will settle on a theme one day and it won't look so wonky in here someday!

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