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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Living room

  So this is our living room currently in all its glory it is now serving as a bedroom for some house guests and there are a couple that are sick as you can see in the above picture (I LOVE water proof pads and mop buckets). The changes that WILL take place in here will be the window ac unit will come out this spring time and I am praying that the door that leads to a 5 foot drop! Yes you read that correctly! will be taken out and walled in as soon as we have 1) time, 2) energy, 3) supplies. it might not happen this year but at least we have a plan. I also plan on add ing a few more book shelves and framing them together and trimming them out to look like built ins all along the wall. I want to take down all the pictures and rehang them in a cute way like I have pinned so many times on pinterest! EVENTUALLY I WILL GET THERE! This room use to be a piano/music studio about 5 years ago. I dream of taking out those french doors and putting them on a barn style slide/rail system it would be sooo much nicer I could use the space inside the room so much better and we would actually be able to close the doors without moving furniture..

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