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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ok its been a whirlwind with eye checkups and second opinions and classes and wow am I tired.
Long story short Isaac will be coming home with Nate and I Monday evening and we already have
Dr's appointments for this next week its crazy. I will keep everyone updated on how he is growing
as I can and we thank you all for your prayers they are still needed because he could still need eye
surgery and he still has to continue growing and stay on their growth charts. I will add pictures as
soon as I can too.

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  1. Jessica, Janice Johnson asked us to pray for Isaac. I have been following Isaac's progress with great interest. I thank God for His wonderful and amazing provisions for little Isaac as well as you and your family. Yes, you have some hurtles ahead, but it sounds like your little boy is now well on the way to a healthy life, Lord willing. Thank you for sharing your experiences and the details of Isaac's care with me and others who may have been reading your entries. Perhaps, your mother may remember Manuel and Gretchen when we lived in Deming 30 years ago. God bless you all. Gretchen