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Friday, August 7, 2009


Well Isaac has reached 5lbs now and since last week he has been moved yet again into baby steps meaning
he is a big boy almost ready to go home. He has done so well on his breathing and tolerating everything we
put him through that they have lowered his oxygen down to 2 liters of pressure, and if all looks good tomorrow
he will be moved up to 5 bottle feeds out of the 8 that he needs to go home. we are all scrambling to get things
done and ready for coming home so if I don't update you all i apologize call the next closest of kin that you can
contact or Mrs. Fascolino for all you MBC members. Thanks you so much for all the prayers and he will need plenty
after he comes home too.

New pictures can always be found at this link I apologize we could not figure out last week how to get new
pictures up here.

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