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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well the last couple of days have been a whirlwind. Friday morning Isaac was moved into a
small room in the NICU used to get babies on a more normal sleeping schedule for coming
home. when I got there he was rather stinky so the nurse suggested a bath even though
they normally do those mon.,wed., fri. evenings. She then proceeded to get a tuband it
totally confused me I was ready for a sponge bath. So he got his first real bath yesterday
and he loved it till we got to his back and then he screamed. His Dr. brought in the
developmental Dr to see if he was going to be ready to feed on monday and when she got
done they both agreed he could try a bottle that day so after Kay got some pictures and I
got some lunch we tried a bottle and he only sucked out 4ml and he actually used that to
blow bubbles at the nurse so I figured it really was going to take the rest of August just to
get him to eat.

Saturday morning I went back to give him his next bottle and wow a totally different child was
there he cooperated and sucked down the whole bottle 40ml in 20 min and let out some pretty
big burps to go with it. He loved it and was in such a good mood after that the nurses got some
pictures with Izzy holding Isaac and there was pure joy on her face. Isaac didn't seem to mind either.
So please pray this goes really smoothly for now he only gets one bottle feed a day and the rest
are the tube if all goes well he could be home in two weeks.

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