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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Unfortunately Isaac won't be coming home for a couple more weeks depending on what happens
with his next eye exam. He was pushed too far too fast and now he is a fat cranky baby. He
refuses to take a bottle or nurse and screams at anyone that touches him, so after and hour long
sit down with the Dr. of the day and several nurses that work with him we came to an agreement
to raise his oxygen pressure back up to give him a break and lower the amount they are feeding
him so he isn't overwhelmed by the amount his tiny body has to do. We will see if he goes back to
his happy self and go from there after tuesday depending on if surgery is needed to correct the eye
problem or not. We are praying that he doesn't need the surgery because that involves going back
on the breathing machines and more damage to his bronchial tubes. So please pray with us that his
eye problem corrects itself and we can bring him home.

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