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Thursday, November 25, 2010

See what happens when I dust!

 So Wednesday morning I started out vacuuming and dusting with the help of my children and well all the furniture had been pulled away from the wall to get the spider webs and we ended up rearranging the whole living room. from left to right this is what you see when you walk in now 

and then we had to clean the bedrooms lol and we have decided to stack the beds and make bunk beds again so they have more room to play now that Isaac's pack-n-play is in there. Ad here are some pictures now that we have finished that thought.

 hopfully we will be painting Izzy's room after Hanukkah and before new years hah fat chance but hey I can dream just like I would really like to finish getting the tin up on the boys walls and paint the bathroom before next summer.

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