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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tea with the Sugar Plum Fairy

Well as most of you know #1 and #2 are in ballet and its Nutcracker season #1 is a gingerbread chef as well as a party boy he's super excited and we are too since he is scollarshipped so if he really enjoys this it could be a career. #2 is an angel and having fun. Well to help raise money for the Ballet company I painted some dead point shoes for them to add to their silent auction as well as place a couple in shadow boxes (sorry no pictures) with a poem by my niece. we did the theme the slipper that saved the Nutcracker Prince lol since Clara throws her slipper at the Rat King and distracts him long enough to save the Prince.

So tell me What do you think should I do several of these throughout the year to get ahead for next year?
Should I do several different ballet themes and try and sell them on ETSY?
Or does anyone have any other ideas to do with dead point shoes.

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