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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Surprise Baby Shower

So again we had everything ready for the shower even started purchasing the things we needed for the rocket cake and the mom needed to cancel it due to people not being able to come. We called all the family that lives up here and immediately started planning a surprise shower since they would be coming to the Dallas area to visit before the baby was born. We purchased fabric and made a crib set and burp cloths and were getting really excited about the whole thing again. Well the 2 nights before the mom starts going into labor and we are freaking out since we already bought food for 30 people and spent 5 hours on the cake and ahhhh we were going off of very little sleep. Needless to say all we needed to do was relax and rest the mom went against Dr suggestions and came up for a rest anyway and all went very well. We had a great time and the baby is still safe inside of mother for now.

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