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Saturday, May 9, 2009

moving the catheter

appearently they didn't get the catheter in a good location on friday so to my surprise
when I went to visit Isaac today he had tubes coming out of both hands and the top of
his head (very disturbing). They explained that that was what they had to do till the
surgeon could make it back to reposition the Broviac line. By the time the surgeon called
me and made sure it was ok to proceed I'm irritated and upset and ready to google it to
get some answers because he said he would x-ray when he got done to make sure it was
in the rite place which they did on Friday while I was there. He said that he might have to
go back and reposition it again and at this point I'm ready to tell him forget it thats why
they wanted this catheter in was to prevent multiple iv lines over the next couple of weeks
and to keep the possibility of infection down by not breaking his skin. The opposite of what
he is telling me he is going to do. So on to Google and wow have I learned a ton in the past
hour. Follow the link below

Broviac line placement explained.

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