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Monday, May 18, 2009

A long week

Ok latest update Saturday evening Isaac took his vent tube out again and the Dr's started to poke around to see why the infection wasn't getting better or worse. He has also had to have more blood and platelet transfusions than what they are taking out so they are worried about their being another infection like meningitis or ecoli because of all the swelling the tape holding all the iv's and monitors on have caused tiny cuts in his skin and an infection could have gotten in there. So all that to say they have done a urine analysis and another round of blood tests and if anything comes back in the blood test they will want to do a spinal tap. He is getting another brain scan this morning to see if there are any bleeds to try and make since of why he is needing so many transfusions, and the scan can show if there is meningitis also. They weaned him off the blood pressure meds Sunday morning so 72 hours from his last dose they will start his milk feeds again and that is a great thing because the milk will actually prevent more infections from getting started and I am trying to convince them that an iron supplement will greatly help him since he is anemic. The info I found on this will be a link at the bottom. since Isaac hasn't been having regular milk feeds the bile in his tummy is building up so much it is coming out of his feeding tube so he is basically throwing up a very sad thing to see. Because we will be waiting to see results of new treatments and test this will be a very long week for us not to mention the holiday weekend with tons of family coming to see us. Please continue to pray for little Isaac and for our sanity we are a witness in that NICU for God and they have already noticed we are different from the other families. Thank you all for your support and we will keep you updated as results come in. He has gained more weight for those of you who asked he is 1LB and varies between 13 and 15OZ

Effects of fortifiers on the antimicrobial properties of human milk


  1. BTW- Marcus was famous for pulling his ventilator out too! :)

  2. Jessica, ya'll are doing great! Hang in there. When Tim was in the hospital I became a pro at reading charts and blood gases. :) I am praying he has no bleeds, but if he does, God is in control. Tim had a massive bleed at 16 days. He also developed bronchial pulmonary displesia from the ventilator. He had to be tube fed for a LONG time. I learned how to do it so we could get him home. Be sure and ask about his feedings! Are you pumping breast milk for him? Poor little guy must be miserable.

    Tim, Joe and Marc were all on high amounts of oxygen, and Tim's stayed at 82% for a long time. We expected eye problems because of it. Tim, Joe and Marc all wear corrective lenses, but it isn't that big of a deal. :)

    Also, do not be afraid! We were told so many things that were just NOT TRUE! :)

    Just love him and each other. You'll get through this.

  3. Thank you so much for this uplifting news it seems hopeless with all these circles the meds send the babies into and
    if they coul djust have the mommies hold them and give them their milk they would be doing so much better but the
    meds keep them from doing that.