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Friday, May 15, 2009

Better but not 100%

Isaac was doing much better yesterday they have taken him off two antibiotics and so now he is down to the one for what they think is pneumonia, a very normal thing for preemies because they have the tubes going into their lungs and aggravating stuff then the swelling from the IVs and the transfusions. He was active yesterday and the nurse seems to have found that he prefers to be on his tummy and it will also help keep him from pulling all the monitors off. They are weaning him back off the ventilator he is down from 100% oxygen to between 57 and 65 a very good thing because the higher and longer he is on the oxygen the more chances he will have of eye damage. God has blessed us that there isn't any bleeding in his little brain and that he has done this good so please keep up the prayers, and thank you everyone for all the help you have given us with food and babysitting.

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