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Monday, May 4, 2009

Isaac's Story

[caption id="attachment_8" align="alignleft" width="604" caption="Isaac Xavier Finch"]Isaac Xavier Finch[/caption]Wow has it been a busy and exciting week.  Since everyone keeps asking how it started I will start with that. Friday April 24th I had contractions all day feeling like Braxton Hicks (practice/fake) so didn't think anything of it but didn't do much at all because I wasn't feeling energetic just tired and achy so I rested till dinner. By the time Nate and I made it to bed they were painful but thought they would stop as soon as I got off my feet and rested. Nope just wasn't going to happen by 2 am I realized these were labor contractions and needed to change position and take some stuff to stop them Nate looked up on the computer what would work best to stop the contractions and found out that Wild Yam would work better than the Blue or Black Cohosh so I told him where the last few capsules were and took them. 10 min later the contractions were almost completely stopped so he called his mother to get some more to make sure they wouldn't start back up.

Saturday morning I called the midwife to let her know what had happened I wasn't worried because I had an appointment with her on Wednesday and as long as they didn't start back up no problem it always takes me a long time to dilate.  She said she wanted to do some tests but her lab was closed till Monday so she sent me to the Dr. that had done the emergency sono earlier in the pregnancy since he had access to the hospital lab and could come in to see me there. 3 hours later Nate and I are off to the hospital for testing. all tests come up negative but surprise I am dilated to 2 and 50% effaced (not good) so they keep me the rest of the day just to watch me to see if there are any contractions showing up on the monitor and NOTHING for 8 hours so I beg to go home and they agreed there was no reason to keep me as long as I stayed on  bed rest till I could go get a sono on Monday just to see if there was something going on inside like placental abruption. Saturday night goes by and all day Sunday and nothing not a muscle twich or anything, but Monday morning I get an appointment for a sono and my wonderful single brother-in-law drives me to the OBGYN's and I am dilated to 5 and the bag of waters is going to burst any second. We rush to the hospital getting turned around somewhere and getting lost in Murphy we finally got turned back around and got to the hospital the same time Nate gets there from Flower Mound and they admit my and proceed to have me lay at an awkward angle where I eventually slide up the bed and hit my head on the headboard. Remember not a single contraction till this point even with all the walking I had to do in getting ready and getting up to the dr. office. The instant I am hooked up ti the IV and laying flat on my back the contractions start 15 min apart and getting closer. They start Magnesium to try and stop the contractions and order up the steroids to strengthen the babies lungs just in case they can't stop the labor. Emilly Minich, and Jenny Hebert were there pretty much all day and even after Nate had to go home to shuffle children around and get them to their designated families for overnight. Thats when it got interesting! I was finally falling asleep and feeling better and then gush(10:15pm) what the nurse didn't tell me was that the blood meant it was imminent and they were not going to get labor to start.  I call Nate and tell him I want him there with me because I needed support and in my heart I knew is would be soon so he scrambles to get his car to the guys he carpools with and then drops his brother off and races up to the hospital to be with me I had called Jennie Hebert to update prayer chain and her and Tiffanie decide to come up and pull an all nighter ( don't know how to thank them enough). Jennie keeps me distracted and comfortable between contractions while Nate sleeps and gets that nice little bit of info out of the nurse while I slept for an hour. So at this point I have no clue what time it is but I wake up because of a really sharp pain and call the nurse because I'm feeling lots of pressure and everyone starts scrambling calling Dr.s and getting the NICU people ready and then they tell me I have to wait for my Dr. to get there even though there was a delivery Dr. standing right next to me so it was probably about 45 min longer then when they tell me I can push everything stops no more contractions just pressure and I can feel his head moving. Eventually I just push without contraction and it seemed like he was at my feet for 5 min but it was only long enough to get him out of the bag and cut the chord. We heard him cry a few times and then they started their little breathing bag and cleaning him off and all the other stuff they do, such a blurr but he was born and alive they took him out and I got to try and rest.

There was some confusion as to name and we appologise we only had 24 hours and we flip flopped a couple of times but his official name is Isaac Xavier Finch born at 5:42 on April 28th weighing 1Lb 4 Oz and 11 1/2" long.

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