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Monday, May 25, 2009

Awesome Day

First Hold We had an awesome day today Aunt Kathy and Uncle Johnny and Uncle O'dell came to see Isaac and I got to hold him yay!(squeals of delight). I held him close to 2 hours and his #'s were wonderful until he stretched and yawned at the same time and choked himself on his breathing tube and then it all went downhill. every alarm you could think of went off his heart rate dropped to the 80s and his oxigenation dropped to the teens they normal do the little bag when it gets to the 40s so when they didn't come I was like um someone needs to check him and then the ventilator said apnea and I was really trying to get someones attention but they were resuscitating another baby and so one nurse comes to check and very calmly says he needs to go back to bed now and you should have seen how quickly every nurse in sight came running even got the respiration guy to stop in the middle of drawing blood on another baby and Isaac was fine as soon as they moved him to the bed it must have really hurt to do all that and get all that attention. Isaac is doing really good but please keep up the prayers we still have a couple more months so he can grow and come home.First Hold closeup

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