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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Ok so I have this list on my phone of things to get done around the house. Well I did get a few things marked off in the last two weeks but well as I was doing those projects I found new ones to add and well its bigger than ever and most of them I cannot do by myself let alone while kids are running around. So I am thinking I need to borrow a teenager for a weekend to watch the kids while Nate and I work on said projects, too bad he is building a storage shed so I can have my laundry room back!
SOOO in case you are wondering here is my list and in no particular order either.

1) Redo pantry shelves (they are falling off the walls)
2) Organize cabnets
3) Take down and repair and paint hallway shelf
4) Hang hallway shelf in entryway
5) Make piano bench cover
6) Finish painting bricks in kitchen
7) Finish putting tin on walls in boys room
8) Kitchen floors ( they are horrid linoleum and falling apart)
9) Batton Board in bathroom
10) Paint bathroom
11) Batton Board in entryway 
12) Finish hanging trim in bedroom
13) Finish Nate's desk
14) Organize and Clean Laundry room
15) Paint laundry room
16) Finish school work
17) Paint entry way
Not to mention all my stacks of unfinished sewing projects! So I think I have plenty to do this fall on top of schooling the kids M/W/F and Ballet on T/W.

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