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Friday, August 26, 2011

Master Bedroom update

Well I got sidetracked from finishing the trim in my room because the bed just seemed blank wiht the death of some of my favorite sheet sets I am left with white and tan sheet sand needed something other than a blank canvas in the middle of my room. 
unfortunately this is the only before picture I can find
its from 2008 before the headboard had been added to "finish" the bed

The sexy man on the bed was very pleased with himself since he had just finished converting this room ( our old living room) into a bedroom for us. There use to be a door where the headboard is and this room had a big opening into the dining room/kitchen area. He did an excellent job and I am so grateful for a room of our own.

Well the bed was a gift from His parents for our wedding and since I am always changing my design ideas the bed never really got its finishing touches. Originally I wanted a poster bed but soon realized that would not be practical with children. After 7 years I decided on a headboard shape and I later added a coat of black paint and distressed it and here is what it look like now.

I will soon be moving that big silver frame to the living room and the mirror on the other wall will get a redo too! I have a plan for the wall above the bed but will have to wait since I have to get some pictures printed and frame them and that takes money! So what do you guys think?

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