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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pantry Reveal!

Ok so we all know I go overboard when I dust and end up rearranging furniture. Well I did it again! I went to make pizza dough last night and well I found bugs in my pantry UGGGG! I can't stand bugs in my house let alone where I store my food so I ripped everything out! Literally my hubby helped me rip out t the shelving and we re did them for more storage because the old ones we falling apart and well it just needed to be done. so here is what my my house looked like for 24 hours 

and here is our almost empty pantry
it has matching shelves on the opposite side of the  2x5 closet

Well my sweet hubby worked till midnight then called it quits till morning and by lunchtime I was putting things back in hurray! One more thing to check off my list. here are the after pictures.

you can't tell but he installed hooks to keep the broom and mop off the floor so maybe they won't fall over and hit me every time I go in there to get something.

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