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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boys room re-do!

I started out with an idea of how we could use our old furniture given to us by friends to make the room my son picked out of a magazine. it had cube shelves two high attached to the wall about halfway up with twin beds end to end so it seemed to be one long bed the length of this wall with throw pillows leaned against the wall in greens, blues, and oranges. the inside of the cube shelves mirrored these colors as the outside of the shelves were brown stained to match the bed frame. Well Papa made it work but the boys felt it necessary to flip over the headboard in between the two beds, so it wasn't going to be safe. When Isaac was big enough to be in a separate room we stacked the beds back into a bunk bed and moved the pack-n-play in to accommodate the 3 boys adn I painted the room with the help of a friend which you can see here and that satisfied me for a bit longer. Unfortunately the itch came back sooner that I wanted. I STILL need to finish putting the tin and chair rail up to protect the walls maybe that will happen this fall once its not in the 100s all day long. SO until then We have replaced the old worn out beds with this beauty from koala kids beds Way better than anything I could find locally and OH SO BEAUTIFUL when we opened the box, and look the boys are happy too! Here they are putting it together

worked too hard

took 2 days but they got it finished
I also got busy last week and repainted and altered their old book shelf since the two shelves jutting out were being used to sit on and totally going to break.
Sooo as I keep toiling away at their room I will post and update of the completed room hopefully before the end of the year.

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