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Friday, April 26, 2013

More projects and more chaos!

    I have come to the conclusion that as stressful as home remodeling and repairs are for most people it is how I relax. If I am stressed beyond belief all I have to do it put my headphones on turn on some music and paint! It is calming and makes me feel better! So in the stress of scheduling Isaac's latest surgery ,to scope his throat and possibly remove scar tissues on his vocal chords to clear his airway some, and the chaos that is getting approval for therapy from insurance and a dr.s office that just won't do thing when they say they will (causing us to be denied). I decided to unclutter our laundry room that has been used more like a garage. I was simply going to go through and organize so my husband could put up some sturdy shelves and well a thought popped into my head! Since I have everything out and the walls are clear why not paint since the yucky primer had been up for at least 3 years waiting for just the right color to come along. I had spied a pretty shade of green when going through our paint supply collected from free uncle and friends moving, so green it would be and wow it is gorgeous Nate and I both love the color in there with the raw wood.

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