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Saturday, June 22, 2013

    All of you must know by now how much I HATE my bathroom! its disgusting, smelly and tacky!!
Even my husband knows how much I detest that room, and he tries to help by cleaning up after the boys.(He's such a sweet heart). So one day I was complaining about that space in our house and he suggested if I hate it so much do something about it. And off I went to search for ideas on pinterest! well I searched and searched and didn't really see anything I adored or really wanted to live with and kinda gave up for the day. later on in the month I was looking at the boys board to see what else I needed to do in their space to make it more organized and decorate a little more and BAM this popped up on my page and I fell in LOVE!!

The wheels were turning in my head and I started scouring stores for pressed tin ceiling tiles... did you know those things are pretty pricy? Well the cheapest I could find them was an antique store called Alternative Furnishings at $20 a piece and that was still way over my head. so I started looking at Homedepot and Lowes at their plastic knock offs and they were the same prices I got pretty bummed about this and started looking for other ideas and finally found paintable wallpapers they intrigued me so I looked at all the different ones to choose from and procrastinated because I would have to have it ordered into the store they don't' carry it otherwise. I go distracted by costumes for ballet and baby gifts for friends having cute little chunky balls of love (yes I have baby fever). I was in Joanne's and while waiting for my number to be called I wandered the aisles around the cutting table that I had never been on and what do ya know they carry paintable wallpaper and they had a ceiling tile printed one (raised foam areas to make it textured) I was all excited and looked pretty stupid for a few min. I could not believe my luck then reality set in and I was suddenly hit with the thought "how much is this going to cost me?" so I looked... it was only $25 for a roll of like 300' I only needed a 4x6 area so I was good to go then I remembered I had a 50% off coupon that I could not use that day because the fabric was already on sale so I was like SCORE!!!! (again I probably looked like a drunken idiot I was so excited I couldn't focus on the fabric I needed cut or anything else.
A week later up it went on my walls with the help from my 7 year old!!

It was sooo simple I filled the tub with 3" of water stuck the precut strips in till it was all wet, pulled it out and let it drip off then had my helper line up the bottom while I lined up the top. Seriously that simple we used our pampered chef  pie crust roller to roll out the air bubbles and a towel to dab off the extra glue and water. then we just had to wait for it to dry.

I came back after an emergency trip out of town to visit a sick family member and decided to start painting with the paints I had laying around from the rest of the house that way it all tied in together No More Random Room Themes!!!!(inside joke here sorry if you don't get it).
I painted a few in one color and then a few more in another color making sure there were not two squares in the same vertical rows the same color. as they filled in and I was waiting for some to dry I went over the other dry ones with the same pampered chef pie crust roller rolled in a thin layer of gold or silver acrylic craft paint.
some of the squares I did not paint before going over it with the roller so only the raised areas got color and the lower areas remained white. 

My hubby replaced the faucet in the bathtub and the handles and that all works with no leaks now so no one will burn themselves with the dripping boiling hot water when they are showering.
I still need to get trim and quarter round for the edges and add a few more touches to the whole bathroom like a NEW trash can I am thinking silver or some sort of metal look. and I need to get the little silver tray back on the counter with a candle on it to help with the boy smell!!! then I will be completely happy with this room.

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