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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Isaac and the Neurologist

  Tuesday we went to the neurologist that was scheduled back in June and well now I totally understand why it took so long. God was working in the background as we have all prayed to match us up with just the right doctors. This guy is a great match for us since all he does is treat seizures (big fat period here).
So after looking over Isaac's extensive file he asked a few questions having me describe the seizures and explain to me why certain ones had been labeled febrile and then told me that Isaac fits in the definition of epileptic. Why you ask? well there were several seizures that did not have a fever before or after them and well were just "normal seizures". and having two or more of these "normal seizures" classifies a person as epileptic. So Isaac now has a Valium for emergencies if a seizure lasts more than 5 min and it will calm him till we can get him to a hospital. He will also be on Keppra again along with a B6 to counteract the aggressive behavior that is a side effect of the Keppra. If after 3 weeks the aggression is too much that we cannot safely leave him unattended( Not hurting someone or himself) then we will try something else. If two years go by with no seizures they will take him off all medication and just call it childhood epilepsy if they continue we will have to rethink everything. I will continue the chiropractic care and be ordering an anti-spasmodic herbal tincture to be giving him as well as a tincture for nerve damage and repair that might help a well. For now this is the new norm and we would appreciate all your prayers.

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