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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Endocrinologist for Isaac

So today we woke up with the sun and drove in rush hour traffic to get downtown Dallas, But it was SOOOO worth it we love Dr Sumpter. She explained to me that she is conservative in her practice and believes that ALL medications have side effects and that she didn't want to prescribe or treat someone without proof that they truly needed it. So she agreed with me that we needed to test for celiac disease because it does cause the majority of the symptoms Isaac is showing. She is also testing his kidneys and Liver to make sure they are functioning properly. 20 min later down in the lab the blood was drawn and we were off to lunch after stopping in and talking to the Ped about the dairy allergy testing which will be done on Monday. While on our way to the Ped we got a phone call saying something went wrong with the blood sample and they needed to draw more so we grabbed lunch and back to Dallas we went. Isaac wasn't too happy but tolerated it all with the promise of picking something out of the gift shop, which he chose a baseball.

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