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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Isaac update

Ok since February Isaac has been having regular seizures (6 to date) and the last one which we did not witness but saw the signs that he had had one after finding him covered in blood and "asleep" in his bed.
We have been on the war path with 3 Dr.s in tow to figure out what could cause these. So far we have had an EEG, EKG, Sonogram of his heart, and a 24 hour heart monitor, Tested his blood and thyroid lvls, as well as an MRI all of which have not really given us any answers. We praise YHVH that Isaac's heart is perfect there are no palpitations, arrhythmia or murmurs.  His Thyroid looks good and although he was on the verge of being anemic we have that under control. The MRI only showed that his cerebellum is underdeveloped and they have told me that that is not the cause of the seizures. A dear friend has done research for me into the medications Isaac was given in the NICU  and several of them have the side effect of causing seizures, blindness, hearing loss and several other major health concerns. I was only warned about the hearing loss and we have an amazing ENT that has been down this road with her own son and has a special spot in her heart for our Isaac. We will be seeing the Endocrinologist in July and the Neurologist in August. We appreciate all the prayers and help our friends have sent our way please continue as we cannot do this without the support of our friends and family.

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