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Saturday, August 18, 2012

August Rush

 Ok so I got the itch for a place of our own after helping several people look for property and places to rent, and well I looked around and just never could find anything that would make me completely happy let alone that would fit in our budget. After praying and just being patient I heard a wonderful sermon and then some advise given to someone in a similar situation on the radio. We have made up our hearts and minds to put our money into repairing the house we are renting form the in-laws and just stay put since we will eventually inherit this property it doesn't make sense to move somewhere else since we are needed here. It may not be perfect but it is a place to live that we can be happy in. So all that led to the kitchen makeover that I will be posting a bit later when I have finished up a few little things.

School has started back and we have a whole new list of Dr appointments to make it through and Nutcracker casting has started. I am teaching piano and have 3 custom sewing projects in the works.

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