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Friday, September 21, 2012

A Very Productive Day!

   So we had a very fun day full of learning and fellowship. We started off with a trip to our favorite dairy  Lucky Layla Farms Plano location and because of the chaos of the annual balloon festival we got our milk for just over half price hurrah! We started out by getting the yogurt started in the crock pot and then turned our attention to baking bread which was lovely with the fresh butter we picked up. Then we got our mozzarella cheese going. We got a little worried because we could not find rennet anywhere in Dallas and thankfully one Kroger had a type that was for custards and puddings and we figured we would give it a try. it did not look like the pictures on all the pinned blogs but we figured we would at least finish the batch and see what it tasted like. In the end it turned out better by NOT MICROWAVING it but putting it into the 200 degree whey which we were heating up anyway to make ricotta! It turned out delish and I can't wait to eat some on the fresh bread! The ricotta looks good but I did not get as much as I thought i would so I have to alter my plans for dinner tomorrow  (no lasagna for me :(  ). The yogurt looks just like store bought and I can't wait till breakfast to try it, the question is what to flavor it with? there are sooo many options to choose from. After our long, productive day we took the kids to the splash park to run off energy and then home to make ice cream. Soooo yummy and yes there were left overs! I will add pictures soon pinky promise.

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