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Monday, July 20, 2009

Take a deap breath

Well I am not so happy about what the Dr. had to say today and will patiently wait till Wednesday
when the more flexible Dr is on duty I was told Isaac will be on the si-pap the rest of the week at
least because he is having to have lasiks (a diuretic) that has a side effect of making the body retain
co2 thus totally defeating the purpose of the respiratory machine that makes him puffy and the
reason for the diuretics such a vicious cycle So we will see what Wednesday brings and maybe we
can get back on track with the bottle feedings and then our little Mr. Big can come home. It seems
like all the other babies are doing so much better even the one that has had 6 surgeries very
discouraging so please keep him in your prayers and that the Dr.s do the right thing and he comes
home in Gods perfect timing.

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