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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back on track

Well after almost two weeks we are back on track with the breathing. Friday morning they gave
him a tiny dose of steroids and by his 11am touch time he was already doing so much better, they
did his regular breathing treatment and his O2 dropped to the 20's with everyone scrambling to
make sure everything was connected right and working properly I asked if anyone had suctioned
his mouth after the treatment and that was the problem more boogies came out of his nose and
mouth than you have ever seen in any child they even got some out of his bronchial tubes it was
so thick and gross the Dr couldn't handle it. We got him wrapped back up and started his feeding
and even on his back (which is normally the worst possition for him) he was having O2 constantly
100 we were so shocked God is truly working in Mr. Big and we should be able to do a bottle again
this week after his eye exam of course we won't make that mistake again. Isaac is between 4.5 and
4.10 in weight and we will get an accurate weight tomorrow evening and a new length. He is on a
nasal canula that is helping in just the tiniest little bit giving him some oxygen and he could be off that
in a week if all goes well.

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