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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ok wow sorry bout that I took a leave of absence and forgot to tell you all.

Well it wasn't a fun absence but a medical one as my sweet Isaac was having seizures on top of the RSV and pneumonia he got in February and it took all my strength and consciousness to stay on top of Dr visits and schooling the other children. We have seen many Dr.s mostly for checkups since Isaac will be 3 this Saturday (can you believe it?) Yes my baby that they told me would never survive birth will be 3 in just a few days. The EEG showed everything was normal and they want to schedule an MRI this test will tell us where to go from here. We will be checking his thyroid and doing regular chiropractic adjustments to make sure there is nothing pinched in his neck.

 Over the last week I was keeping myself distracted with a baby shower gift which turned out gorgeous. I am personally jealous since I had originally intended to use the fabric for my daughter but she didn't particularly like it. I will be making matching burp clothes and adding a pooh bear in a field of yo-yo flowers on the back of the quilt.

We are also getting ready for the kids ballet recital on may 20th they will be performing Copellia at the Allen Performing Arts Center. Everyone is welcome to attend it is free. Izzy requests flowers and Jacob adores  chocolate ;) but you didn't hear that from me!

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