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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spider bite.

ok so I know m many of you have been wondering if I have died or anything from refusing to go to the ER after being bitten, by what we could only come to the conclusion of being a black widow. It was a crazy day in mid July, and My husband and I had 3 extra kids on top of our 4 for the weekend with some family and another friend over. We were rockin' and rolin' making some stepping stones for the ever muddy spots in the garden letting the kids design and decorate as they wanted. well after filling all the forms with decorations it was time for concrete so all the kids went in with Grammie to watch a movie and be out of the over 100 degree weather. My husband and I went to get a couple bags of concrete off the pallet we have out back and I kept itching after wheeling it back to the house I went on with our project figuring it was just chiggers (they really like me). Well after dinner showering 7 children and getting them in bed I get a shower and am going to bed  (11:30) and I am getting pretty dizzy through all that still thinking I am just dehydrated so I drink a couple glasses of water and take some some bioplasma to help with that and try to sleep. I cannot go to sleep my chest feels like it is about to explode my heart is racing and I am all of a sudden in a 60 degree room dripping sweat. I am thinking ok what is wrong with me seriously? I voice it to Nate and tell him my chigger bites are really itching and swelling this is different can you look at them (behind my knee).
He looks at them and says "it looks gross and tells me to put some calamine lotion on it." after all that still trying to get some sleep I am talking it out with him that "I wasn't really in tall grass or in areas where he chiggers normally are."
He asks " when did it start bothering you"
and I was all "well when I dropped the bag of concrete on my foot I felt a stinging pain do you think it could have been a bee or a oh NO there were some spider webs on the pallet do you think it could be a spider?"
He says " it was probably a brown recluse" (rolls over and falls asleep)
My mind is racing spider bite hmm what are the symptoms...? What kind of spider?... Hmmm can't sleep chest hurting too bad. I get out of bed and go take a shot of cayenne (it will stop a heart attack and restart a stopped heart). too curious now and I am out of bed I start googling only to find out that my symptoms do not match up to a brown recluse. Totally puzzled now I start looking at images and going to web md to do the symptom checker still feeling like my chest is going to explode dripping sweat and oh year gasping for breath like and asthma attack! it came back black widow! I am freaking out now, comparing the two spider bites the outcomes,  and survival rates all while everyone sleeps. So I take all the herbs I have on hand that deals with cleansing the blood and for my asthma and for bites and went to bed praying I woke up the next morning. I knew my M-I-L had some anti venom for snakes and spiders she had been paranoid about that since we started cleaning up the property and the drought had driving more things toward civilization. I figured I would get that from her and we would be ok since we had a baby shower the next day and had to take all the extra children home I just needed to get a good nights sleep. well after breakfast I call my M-I-L and tell her what Nate and I had come to the conclusion of and ...SHE TOTALLY FREAKS OUT... "WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP", "THAT IS AN EMERGENCY" lol I am still having chest pains and very dizzy and I just want something to help with the pain  because I was convinced that an ER would not help me since I was not sure what had bitten me. Well Nate looked at the area again and was like WOW I am starting to worry at that but I can't see a thing so I came up with the idea that he needed to take a picture of it so I could see what was going on. and well this is what followed. 

the morning after
swelling and "angry" veins

4 days after
bruising starting

5 days after
so swollen I can't bend my leg without pain

7 days later it is spreading and the flesh is "melting" away with oozing

day 8 the skin starts drying out and sore gets smaller

11 days later swelling is going down

13 days after

So 6 months later I now have my full energy back and the majority of the symptoms have subsided with the exception of the chest pains I still get them every now and then but I did not take the medications religiously I AM a mom of 4 kids that is taking classes and home schooling my children on top of well LIFE! I am doing a cleanse and getting back to cleaning the toxins out of my system and feel amazing for everything I have been through, and PRAISE YHWY I AM STILL ALIVE!

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