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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Freedom Acres Farm: Living for a Blessing!

I ran across this wonderful blog the other day thanks to pinterest! they have a cream cheese recipe that totally made my day. I got curious and started looking at the rest of their blog and to my surprise they are on the same journey as we are! Back to our Hebrew roots and closer to our creator without all the traditions that man has created to distract us from the true meaning of being a follower of YHWY. I hope that anyone interested will read this blog post and follow the inks at the end to find out more about our journey. I do not claim to know the answers to life but since Nate and i started studying more and more into Leviticus and feeling like we were missing something in our walk I have felt more confident in my salvation and I feel  "free"  I can not explain it I just don't worry about things or what people think I am just me doing what I can to serve my Lord. 

Freedom Acres Farm: Living for a Blessing!: Our home made improvised Hannaukia I've heard tell that some are concerned for us as we search out and learn about our Hebrew roots. W...

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