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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We are crazy busy getting ready for The Nutcracker performances Dec. 17th and 18th .  Izzy will be a ginger bread chef, and Jacob will be a mouse in the army. Nate and I are again party parents and so ready for this year as costumes are ready (which I need to share with you here), and we know our dance.
After nutcracker we have Hanukkah the celebration of the miracle of lights back during the Maccabees war. Our family has chosen to celebrate this Biblical Feast instead of Christmas for several personal reasons but also for the reasons stated in this podcast I am linking to below. We are not offended if our friends or relatives celebrate or even wish us a merry Christmas. I just would like for  our friends and relatives to understand why we don't and make their own decisions based on the facts listed in this video that can be found in any history books and all over the web. We are excited to spend the time with our friends and family and see the wonder in the children's eyes as they learn more about the Bible.

Truth or Tradition?

I Pray this is informative and helpful and inspires you to dig more into your Bible and truly understand and question what your relationship with Christ is.

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