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Friday, May 27, 2011

In a Daze!

We spent this last weekend all dressed up with nowhere to go. Jacob dressed as an evil minion and Isabelle as a Diamond Fairy. They are in LOVE with the stage and dancing/performing. They all did a great job and everyone enjoyed the performance.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and we are expecting company so this week I have been busy with housework and attempting to understand chemistry in my anatomy class and wow I cannot say how much I appreciate google and wikipedia! I am making progress but am looking into getting an extension because I am just having a really hard time with it. For those of you not in the look I decided last year to finally take some classes and enrolled in The School of Natural Healing because it is one of the best for herbologists and we really do need to go back to our roots the government and the drug companies are not interested in our health they are only interested in money. God gave us plants for a reason and not just to look pretty in our yards but to help heal our bodies that He created to heal itself
I do know that sometimes we NEED modern medicine as Isaac can attest to but for the most part we really don't need intervention or help when we get sick. We really are what we eat so just remember that the next time you go through a drive through or pick up a pizza.

Anyway if you would like to see more pictures of the ballet you can email me and I will send you a link and password to the albums on shutterfly.
My niece is turning 16 in June and we are gearing up for a Masquerade Ball so there is a new sewing project and I will be doing a post on that soon so check back next week.

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