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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A little carried away, just a little!

 Well I stumbled across several lovely blogs from a ucreate award and WOW I am so full of ideas now.
So here are a few blogs that I love

Sooo I have been needing a smaller dresser something to just throw junk in and room for socks and underthings. Eventually we will build these   to go under our bed for our regular clothes. Well I found it Thursday evening on craigslist

that I turned into this

and am going to darken the worn edges on my bed to match 
I cannot believe how well it turned out.
you think I'm finished well your wrong there is sooo much more Izzy and I were very busy all day Thursday making these lovely pom-poms some for a project and some for etsy.

and we redecorated a lamp that I had made for her and has since been replace, so I get a new lamp too.

check it out the before lamp and shade

                                                                     and after
 I still need to make the fabric ric-rac and add it 
you can find the tutorial here

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