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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little here and a little there

Well as busy as we have been Nate and I have gotten a few projects finished so I have pictures to show you all hope you enjoy them.
The first is a mirror that has been sitting in a corner for a couple years I have been trying to figure out what to do with is it has some paint splatter in a few areas and it was very plain I am not sure I will keep it like this but Nate does like the way it looks in its new home.
The little card table was amazingly found in the trash outside my dads apartment with two broken legs and Nate managed to repair them the top is a beautiful inlay I will have to add pictures of that later and it folds open to reveal a leather table top it is missing its little drawers but for now I have my little tray in there I use as a lap desk when I am sitting on the bed looking through design magazines. 
The chair was given to me and I had to redo the seat and glue a few joints and it now is a comfy spot to sit in the evenings and do my school work.
For now that is all I have to finish the quilts for my sister-in-law and then to get started on my Victorian ball gown and a coat as it is going to get rather chilly here soon.

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